Shining On - Third Development

New Single

Shining On

Third Development’s new single, Shining On, is the result of a spark of optimism, one that has been emerging from the pandemic and the current American political climate. While this world is in a continual state of progress, a small silver lining has formed and hope is in the air. Shining On speaks to the tenacity of the human spirit and the perseverance of the heart and soul when faced with adversity. At the core of those human traits there is an energy that keeps us going and as we seek out comfort, motivation and guidance, we seek connection. For some, it is spiritual. For others, it is introspective or the help of others. But if we dig deep, we can all find a little bit of gumption to keep going.

Music Composer: Geoffrey James

Roland Jupiter-X Performed By: Geoffrey James

Lyrics written and Performed by: Mila Sadé

Produced By: Geoffrey James & Sara Fedi

Mixed By: Sara Fedi

Mastered By: Emily Lazar at The Lodge, NYC. Assisted by Chris Allgood

Album Artwork: Eden Redpath

Video Produced by: Richard Misener

DOP: Benji Irwin

Gaffer: Gautier Gacon

Dance Choreography & Performance by: Erin McAndrew

Photography by: Caroline Harlos