Our Parallel Worlds - Third Development

Our Parallel Worlds



Third Development is back with an explosive new single for the Summer of 2024 titled “Our Parallel Worlds”. Staying firmly within the zone of being unpredictable, this new single turns the spotlight onto a new Canadian guest artist for the lead vocal named Ali Wick. Wick’s sultry, almost hypnotic vocal performance on this track instantly captures the listener as her unique voice and style leaves one wanting more after every line she serves up. Then the unexpected unfolds during the bridge of the song where special guest Italian opera singer Francesca Maionchi launches into a segment of dreamy opera, singing Wick’s lines (in Italian); “Parallel worlds, separate galaxies. But parallel worlds, all cross eventually”. Maionchi has toured with Andrea Bocelli as his concert soprano and her surprise performance delivers a beautiful, highly unique escape for the listener. The final verse of the song features Wick delivering lead vocal again with Maionchi performing background vocal onward through the outro and it’s simply delicious. Song composer and band lead Geoffrey James maintains the signature world vibe here that has been present in all of the band’s work to date and this track doesn’t disappoint as the more upbeat vibe of the song is infused with Turkish guitar, a flute performance by returning Helsinki flutist Livia Schweizer and a powerful bass performance by the band’s Producer and Mix Engineer Sara Fedi in Tuscany, Italy. Mastering was completed by Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar in NYC as this global collaboration entered the final chapter of the song’s journey leading up to launch.

Our Parallel Worlds delivers a diverse, unpredictable and addictive listening experience that can only come from a band who refuses to cut corners or settle for anything less than perfection. This track is pure bliss for the senses.

Genres: Chill, Electronic, Electronica